Ancient World History Homework Answers

One subject that can give you mixed feelings is history. If you are dealing with world history, you might be overwhelmed. While it is interesting and exciting to study ancient world history, it might be stressful and boring getting answers to some questions.

Well, not anymore! With the right homework help, world history will be an exciting subject for you.

How to Handle Ancient World History Homework

In the study of world history, some questions are inevitable. Questions about legends, wars, heroes, nations, etc. may come up. The question is, do you know the right answers? Well, you might not know all.

We have compiled some possible questions you might need help answering and will give you tips for answering these questions. It will help you in handling other world history questions.

  • Consult texts

In your history class, your teacher will recommend some texts and suggest that you get some others. Knowing that they have provided you with the right reading materials, your teachers may ask some questions about the ancient world.

For instance, in your world history homework, what type of government did Athens have may be asked. The right thing to do is consult trusted texts for accurate answers. History has it that around 6th century BC, Athenian democracy was practiced in Athens.

Your reading list will have a book that thoroughly deals with the history of the Greeks and their practices and lifestyle.

  • Read wide

If you are in history class, you have to read wide. You do not have to wait till you have homework before reading. If in your world history homework who was the Athenian general and commander of the Greek navy is asked, your previous readings will help you.

You do not have to rely on your previous readings to answer the question since it is homework. However, if you are vast in Greek history, you will find it easier to handle such questions.

  • Discuss with friends

Perhaps in the world history homework what were requirements to be a citizen in ancient Greece is the question. In this situation, some discussion among your friends will be of great help. It does not rule out your reading but it helps to hear from friends.

To be a citizen in ancient Greece, you had to meet some criteria including being free and be born in the polis. Another question in world history homework, who watched over the homes in Sparta, can also use some discussion from friends.  

  • Read ahead of your teacher

Reading ahead of your teacher is always an advantage. From the beginning of the lesson, your teacher has already introduced the course to your class and you already know where the studies are directed.

This direction will give you focus in reading even ahead of the class. It is helpful because in your world history homework, what battle was the turning point in the Persian war can be asked. If you have read about the war and other events, you will have an idea of what is expected of you even before you start answering the question.

Some history books have regarded The Battle of Marathon as the turning point in the Greco-Persian Wars. In this war, the Greek army had an upper hand. The Persians, although numerous, were not able to defeat the Greeks. There are important history books that have the details of the war and other events that will enrich your knowledge of the Greco-Persian Wars.

  • Use your smartphone

With a smartphone, you have so much information within your reach. If you are asked in your world history homework Leonidas was the king of where your first response may be to Google it. If you have a smartphone, your chances of failing homework are greatly reduced. You have access to any information you need. If you need history books, you can download them. If they do not have an e-copy, you can Google where to get them. If you are in history class, you need a smartphone.


Ancient world history is an interesting aspect of history. If you have homework on ancient world history, you can do it easily and have good grades. These suggestions are meant to put you on track.

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